What is new in New Mexico?

I am extremely excited and proud to share that BK Labs Inc is now a licensed testing laboratory for cannabis products in New Mexico.  We are now able to test all cannabis matrices: flower, concentrates, chocolate, beverages, gummies, etc..  Our testing is performed by an experienced team that is committed to fast, accurate, and reliable results for our customers.  The team is passionate about being a collaborative partner in providing Botanical Knowledge for growers, manufacturers, and personal and micro-businesses.  We want to work with our customers to support them in producing the best product and providing accurate and detailed information about their samples.  BK Labs will partner with clients to help them understand current results and their results over time.

For those who have been following the blog, I hope the posts have been informative and help communicate the passion we have for the importance of testing cannabis for the market.  The health of the industry and end consumers is supported by appropriate and rigorous testing. Ensuring the best information, especially for medical patients, is a cornerstone of why we do what we do.

Please reach out to us to find out how we can support your business.  We want to work with you to


I especially want to recognize my co-founder and CTO/COO, Adrian Rubio, and the terrific scientific team of Dana and Veronica.

Written by Elizabeth Skerry, June 2023